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The snowy egret is essentially a small white heron. It is a protected migratory bird although it was once hunted for it's white feathers that were used for women's hats. I see them hunting little creeks and riverbanks on the Carolina coast in search of shrimp, crabs and crayfish. I saw one stalking my front lawn and within seconds she had found little gecko for a meal. A couple minutes outside downtown Beaufort is a spectacular rookery with a wooden catwalk that winds through the marsh. Every night at sunset , thousands of Egrets , spoon bills herons , ibis and other waterfowl fly overhead to alight on the trees buzzing about the day's adventures and eventually settling into sleep. 

I painted this heron to have a partner , the blue heron that shares the horizon. If you need symmetery there is a companion Heron it could compliment the sides of a doorway, an entrance or fireplace. 

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