World Travel

Browse our collection of world travel art, some can be handcrafted and personalized with hidden names and special dates or destinations! You love to travel as much as we do and make memories you will never forget. This collection celebrates the joy of discovering new places and people and making stories you can recount with loved ones for years to come.

If you love to give gifts that are thoughtful, remarkable and affordable, use the personalization rolldown under the picture of your favorite place. Patrick will illustrate your names and even a date in the art that tells the story of your trip. Watching them open this gift is quite a joy. They don't expect it and it has the people they love in art about a place they love too. One of a kind!

I love hearing stories from people about how their grown kids still love finding their names in the art.  I have been making personalized art for 20 years. What can I make for your family? Have a special place you want painted? Please ask about commissions.