Your life is a story.
Celebrate the
special moments with personalized art.


Welcome, my friends, to the studio site of lifestyle artist Patrick Reid O'Brien. 

"Art was always calling me."

Patrick Reid O'Brien grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and knew he wanted to be a painter at age 6. Patrick spent his childhood studying the original Watercolors of T.U. Walter, the architect of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. and Patrick’s great great great great grandfather.

Patrick graduated with honors from Saint Mary's College of Maryland, majoring in Fine Art. After 15 years in advertising working and designing logos for clients like Pepsi, CBS Radio, his wife Valerie suggested that he start painting again. Known for academic composition, sophisticated color theory, and a mastery of typography, Patrick developed his recognizable voice at the age of 42. 

Patrick's happy lifestyle art took off grabbing the attention of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, The Kentucky Derby and The White House, all of whom commissioned him to create collections of art exclusively for them. He's been featured in Southern Living Magazine, The LA Times, Dan's Papers, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and Chesapeake Home to name a few. There are now close to 3000 pieces of art in this collection.

It is personal. It is love. It is your memories. Please share!