Low Country Fisherman

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The Blue heron is unique in that it is native to the entirety of North America. When I was 16 I came upon a heron fishing a cove on Fairleigh Creek on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Although it stood 4 or 5 feet tall , it squawked and took off in a slow methodical flap of its wings. I wanted to get closer but literally 80 yards was where it drew the line. In Minnesota the local fisherman call them "Shy Poke" and there is actually a minnow bucket called " Shy Poke". They are beautiful and big but only weigh up to 7.5 lbs .

 If you need symmetery there is a companion Egret with a connecting Horizon that could compliment the sides of a doorway , entrance or next to a large tv. A teal blue sky with natural umber colored marsh the early morning sky behind reminds you that any minute herons will fly up and away to fish a quieter spot.

If I am not at an art show, I can be found doing live painting demonstrations on weekend afternoons in the Mt. Pleasant Mall 708 Johnnie Dodd's Blvd.

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