Night Moves

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Night Moves is an imagination painting. There was no reference setting, the genesis of it is  subconscious inspiration. Although I shoot thousands of reference photos for specific works,  There is no photograph, no specific view for this painting but I painted this from my imagination having driven past places like it many times. I a painted it in my showroom at Mt Pleasant Mall.  First, I pray to get guidance, that what I paint may please the Lord and bring joy to the person who owns it. Then the paint strokes, color choices and marks that I make come from within my soul. I usually start with an overall color wash and then a simple horizon which becomes a roadmap for the next marks. After living here for several years, the visual language , colors and rythyms of salt marshes have become familiar , understandable from a creative standpoint.  I love the wide open skies over the Isle of palms connector, crossing over the Ashley River, and route 17  along the coast. These places and tides that reflect the grass islands are what I expressed in a minimalist way.

 I paint from imagination until it tells me that it is complete a finished work. If I am not at an art show,  I can be found doing live painting demonstrations on weekend afternoons in the Mt. Pleasant Mall.

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