Over or Under ?

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The early Atlantic light glows through the breakers reminding me of photos my grandfather took. He and my Mom called the ocean "vaseline " green on those mornings. "Over or under was the child's game we'd play daring each other to try to jump over the breakers as they got bigger and bigger. Eventually you get whacked by a big one that works you down to the bottom of the sandy washing machine and you come up laughing with an earful of  water and scuffed elbows. " Let's go in and get the rafts!" We spent all day in the water, cool against the hot summer air. This painting is big and bold, full of life and color to liven up any room. 

The beach always makes me 6 again as soon as I cross the dunes , it is the fountain of youth. Salt on my lips, Hot sand in my flops, and a cool ocean breeze drawn in from the heat rising over the sunbaked earth. My soul belongs here .

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